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the pickled pig - pigs choice the big bad wolf

Big variety of delicious dishes.

All our food is handmade with love by our passionate chefs who ensure that every plate of food tells a story. May every bite make you more excited than the pig who built his house with bricks.

the pickled pig - pig out chicken burger

We cater for every palette

We're passionate about cooking.

We boast an impressive range of menu items, skillfully crafted by our chefs, that harness diverse flavours to perfection.

the pickled pig - pig out chicken burger

Pig Out Burger

Chicken Burger

the pickled pig - pigs choice eisbien

Pig's Choice


the pickled pig - pickled cheese platter

Pickled Platter

Cheese Platter

the pickled pig - finger food beef nachos

Finger Food

Beef Nachos

We use, farm fresh ingredients daily.

Our Menu

  • Pickled Platters

    Pigs do not always share their food, but when it’s a platter they do.

  • Fresh for the Sow

    Our salads are not just your typical greens.

  • Oinking Finger Foods

    The type of food you should eat with cutlery only when pigs can fly.

  • Pig Out Burgers

    'These burgers could feed a pack of Big Bad Wolves!' - The Three Little Pigs.

  • Little Red Riding Hood’s Sandwiches

    Once the brick house was built, Little Red Riding Hood made these sandwiches for the Three Little Pigs.

  • The Pig’s Choice

    Even though pigs basically eat anything, if they had a choice, it would be.

  • Lip-licking Pudding

    'I think I will skip dessert.' – No pig ever.

  • Pig Shakes

    Instagram-worthy and piggy-approved.

the pickled pig - finger food pulled chicken taco

Finger Food

Pulled Chicken Taco

the pickled pig - pig out bacon burger

Pig Out Burger

Bacon Burger

the pickled pig - lip-licking muddy chocolate brownie

Lip-licking Pudding

Muddy Choc Brownie

the pickled pig - chicken mayo sandwich


Chicken Mayo Sandwich

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